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About Chino Chinatown

Chino Chinatown is inspired by Chinese immigrants that came to South America from the southern province of Guangdong and Macau in the late 19th century. Due to lack of Asian ingredients, the Chinese adapted their cuisine with items available in the area, creating unique blends of Chinese cooking with Latin ingredients. They established “barrio Chinos” which translates to “Chinatown” in Latin American cities. Chino Chinatown transports our guests to this era of mystery and adventure.

Chef/Owner Uno Immanivong gets her inspiration from “barrios Chinos” and has created a destination specializing in the collaboration of Asian and Latin cooking flavors, cooking styles and techniques.

The bar menu is motivated by the craft cocktail movement and features classic, hand-crafted drinks.


Meet Our Team


Uno Immanivong – Chef & Owner

Chef Uno is the owner of Chino Chinatown in Trinity Groves. She was on “ABC’s The Taste” competing on Anthony Bourdain’s team and a regular on EyeOpener TV sharing her unique recipes. She started her culinary career when she founded Foodie Couture, a cooking entertainment and catering company.

Ultimately Uno’s food journey was inspired by her mother who catered to make ends meet. Uno observed the art of creating every dish, along with the happiness that resulted from each bite. The kitchen is where Uno spent most of her childhood, learning and understanding Southeastern Asia ingredients while cooking with her mom. Chino Chinatown’s menu is a result of Chef Uno’s passion for cooking and her Latin twist on classic Asian dishes.

Humberto Vergara – Kitchen Manager